Tallinn workshop

The workshop used 24pcs x 400W DRL, which were located 9m high, under the celing. The measuring showed avg 250lx on work level. We replaced the 400W DRL’s with 150W LED highbays(60deg, 4000K). In addition, we also installed Steinel sensors, which measure the light coming from the windows, also the movement in the room and adjust the light accordingly. 

In conclusion we can say that the lighting conditions were improved about 2-3x and the avg. measure showed 650lx on work level. Enegry saving about 76% and the project payback period 4 years(guarantee on the LED’s 5 years).

Tallinn outside lighting

Around the building and territory we changed all the 250W facade and 400W high pole lights. On the facade we used 40w/70w a-symetric downlight LED’s and around the territory, on the poles, 120W LED flood lights.

Tallinn Office

In the office we replaced all the lights on all 3 floors. Altogether we changed 102pcs of 600×600 luminofor panels for 600×600 40W LED panels. The lighting condiotions improved dramatically trastically.

Tartu workshop

We replaced the old 2x58W luminofor lamps with 50W LED linears. The lighting conditions improved 3-4x and energy saving is about 70%.